Single/3 Phase Direct Wire

Max Surge: 20kA

Use: medical, satellite, communications, large buildings, industrial equipment

Protects Against

High Voltage
Low Voltage
Power-back surges

Appliance Guard AVS3P-0

Three Phase Direct Wire

Max Power: 3 phase control

Wait time: 10 sec to 10 minutes, adjustable

Use: 3 phase air-conditioners, industrial refridgeration & machines

Appliance Guard AVS30

Single Phase Direct Wire

Max Power: 30 amps

Wait time: adjustable 10 sec to 10 minutes

Use: large fridge/freeze, office, air-conditioners, whole circuits

Votlage Protection

Distribution Surge Protection

Protect your equipment against surges and spikes.

Appliance Guard AVS13

Direct Plug

Max Power: 13 amps

Wait time: adjustable 15 sec to 3 minutes

Use: For all electrical equipment, multi-way socket

Automatic Voltage Switch

Protect your valuable household appliances such as TV, Radio, Laptop, printer, fridge etc.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Protect your computing equipment and workstation against surges, brownouts and power cuts.

Voltage Stabilizer

Protect your equipment against surges and spikes.


Direct Plug

Rating: 400-2000VA

Back-up Time: 1 min to 7 hours

Use: Computer workstation, statelite, modem, cash machine, phones


Single Phase Direct Wire

Amp Range: 20 - 75 Amps

Use: freezers, air-conditioning computers, offices

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